We would like to thank everyone who took part in "The Spirit of Hong Kong" campaign.
Our judging panel has chosen 100 winners and 10 champions – and their silhouettes have been painted on our "The Spirit of Hong Kong" airplane.
Check out the livery and view our behind-the-scenes and other videos now.

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Click on the winner's silhouettes and check out their entries now.

Click on the winner's silhouettes and check out their entries now.

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Check out the winning entries by clicking on the title below. Besides the Top 10 champions and Top 100 winners, there are also 200 winners voted by the public over a 4-week period during the campaign.

The Cathay Pacific's latest "The Spirit of Hong Kong" special livery was unveiled on 9 December 2013. Here's what it took to do the livery!
In 1997, a "The Spirit of Hong Kong" livery showcasing the Hong Kong skyline was unveiled in celebration of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to Mainland China. In 2000, we unveiled our second "The Spirit of Hong Kong" aircraft to salute Hong Kong's ability to overcome challenges. And this year, our livery features 110 people who represent the extraordinary spirit of Hong Kong people.
"The Spirit of Hong Kong" campaign kicked off in July with an online contest calling on Hong Kong people to submit creative entries that illustrate the true spirit of the city – along with a full-body photograph of themselves. The 110 overall winners have their silhouettes featured on our latest "The Spirit of Hong Kong" aircraft. The contest attracted more than 5,000 entries. A total of 110 overall winners and 200 weekly winners received 310 pairs of round-trip tickets (620 tickets).
In 1997
In 2000
We were honoured to have these distinguished members of the Hong Kong community on the judging panel to choose our top 110 winners:
Mr Heung Shu Fai
Managing Director, Sirius Pacific Consultants Ltd.
Mr Thomas Lo
Chief Operating Officer, RoadShow Holdings Ltd.
Mr Perry Mak
Publisher and Managing Director, Hong Kong Economic Times
Mr Siu Sai Wo
Chief Editor, Sing Tao Newspaper Group Ltd.
Ms Chitty Cheung
Director Corporate Affairs, Cathay Pacific Airways
These were the qualities used to judge the winners:
  • Relevance of the message (30%) – How the Spirit of Hong Kong is represented.
  • Creativity (20%) – How the message is conveyed in an original, imaginative and ingenious manner.
  • Ability to inspire (30%) – The entry's ability to arouse emotions, stimulate thinking, and resonate with people.
  • Presentation quality (20%) – The technical competence of the presentation.